There’s not much to do during the winter months. Usually, a nice layer of snow will top the soil to keep our plants insulated and hydrated. However, this winter has proved to be very warm with little to no rainfall or snow.

Where I live, it has only snowed four times. Each time, it has snowed less than a quarter inch and is usually gone by the next morning. This low moisture causes problems for many of my plants, namely my hydrangea, roses, and peonies. Since the snow is not insulating them or keeping them hydrated, I have had to go out to water my plants. (When watering my plants, I try to water when the temperature is at, or above 40 degrees Fahrenheit.) It’s not ideal since the lack of cold weather also affects the dormancy of the plants.

Several times my plants have tried to come out of dormancy only to be frozen by a sudden chill. Some of my rose canes have blackened and cracked from the finicky weather this winter.

I’m happy to report that though the warm weather is causing issues for some of my plants, it is beneficial for others. My daffodils are coming up early, and I’m thinking that they may have a longer season this year. Hopefully I’ll be able to upload photos of the daffodils soon!!

How are you dealing with the warm weather front? Are your plants faring better than my own?