Here is our progress:

Feb 28th: (one month)

March 28th: (two month)

At this time, one of the peonies has died. (Madame)

The one above (Sorbet) has been the healthiest of the bunch as its located near a heater. The others have stagnated their growth. You can probably see the other Sorbet to the left which looks the same as it did in Feb. A combination of overcast skies and really cold weather has halted their growth this month.


We’ve decided to plant a few outside to test mild winter we’re having. They were starting to dry out inside, and we quickly planted them outside…. However, they seem to all have died down to the ground. I think we will see them next year. 


I felt so diappointed with the bare root peonies that I decided to just buy potted peonies.

(Please don’t look at the bald patch of grass next to our raised bed!! I’m hoping to get some roses there later this week.

Part of the reason I bought 3 more potted peonies was because last year’s peony did so well! In the first week of June we saw our first bloom!!

For this year, this is the end of the show for peonies. I will update our progress next year.