I’m so excited! 

Our first harvest from our backyard strawberries have come in. A few months ago, we started our raised beds and placed some lettuce,  jalapenos, and green onions into the ground. We also planted 3 pineapple strawberries, and 9 regular strawberries inside a enclosed space surrounded by wire mesh. 

Due to the wildlife, we used mesh wire fencing to cover the strawberries and made a double door in the back to access the strawberries.  

We had to hand pollinate since we weren’t able to spot bees/flies inside helping with the work. It played of when I found this little guy a few weeks later!!

I initially thought it was a pineapple strawberry because it was so pale…

But it’s red! It was super sweet and delicious. I don’t know if I could go back to store bought strawberries after this. 

One of our pineapple strawberries died to the ground after a hard frost earlier in the spring,  but I’m seeing little green shoots coming out. There is hope that I will be able to taste this strange fruit this season!