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I wanted to share a little more information on the types of peonies I’m attempting to grow.

There are four types of peonies that are availible.

1. Tree peony

2. Herbaceous peony

3. Intersectional peony 

4. Woodland peony

In addition to the four types, herbaceous peonies have several different flower types depending on their petal arrangement.

A. Single

B. Japanese

C. Anemone 

D.  Semi-double

E. Double

F. Bomb

If you’d like to know more about flower petal types, visit Hollingsworth Peony‘s website. 

I am focusing on herbaceous peonies hardy from zone 3-8, since they are perfect for Colorado seasons. The cold actually helps them with bud formation. They do not do well in warmer climates like the South. 

Don’t know your zone hardiness? Go to USDA.gov and enter your zip code.

Herbaceous peonies die back to the ground every fall. This is wonderful if you like to keep a clean flower bed during the winter. You can snip the stems about 1-3 inches off of the ground before the first frost, and you don’t have to worry about it until next year. 

Currently, I have four different cultivars.

1. Monseuir Jules Elie

Pink double bloom

2. Sarah Bernhardt 

Another pink double bloom

3. Sorbet

Pink and cream double bloom

4. Madame Emile Debatene*

Salmon pink double bloom

All four have the following characteristics:

  • Fragrant with double petal form flowers.  
  • Hardy to zone 3-8.  
  • Requires full sun and blooms from late spring to early summer 
  •  * Blooms from mid-spring to late spring.

Since Colorado has such harsh winds and a penchance for hail in the summers, double or bomb type flower petals would be best suited. The single petal varieties may not make it a day in our neighborhood. 

In 2017, Colorado Springs had category 1 and 2 hurricane winds. In 2016, we had hail storms that broke car windows and ripped the sides of houses.

This is no joke. If you want a peony in Colorado, choose wisely.