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I’ve  been in love with hydrangeas for years. However, living in zone 5b, hydrangeas have a hard time adjusting to our winters. They either die or never flower. 

You can look up your own plant hardiness zone information from this site: USDA.gov

So what are the options for Colorado?  

As far as I’ve seen, a good investment would either be Annabelle or Endless Summer varieties. 

Annabelle typically looks like this, and is white. I’m not the biggest fan of this variety.  

Endless Summer is… just ok. When I went to my local nursery, I was not impressed. Partly, it was because the people taking care of the hydrangeas didn’t do a good job with their stock of hydrangeas.  They were in a very hot greenhouse with bright unfiltered sunlight. All of the plants were suffering from the heat and were wilted. To make things worse,  many of the leaves and flowers were scorched brown due to the intense amount of light they were getting… There was sunlight in that greenhouse for days. 

The few that were in the shade were just not that pretty.. the flowers were just a bit too large and looked cheap once you were up close. From far away, they looked okay, but not worth the pricetag. 

I didn’t walk away empty handed though….

What did I get?

Meet Blue Enchantress. 

I was won over by the burgundy stems that made it look so elegant. The red contrasted beautifully with the rich green leaves and dainty flowers.

 This summer, she’ll turn two, and I hope she grows well in the new spot we’re placing her!