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The progress that I’m seeing with my peonies is astonishing! Literally, they’re growing every day.
The problems that I’m faced with:

1. Wait a year to plant the peonies outside. This will establish a better root system, but during the winter they will not be exposed to the cold. This means I will have less blooms in the future.

 Also, they won’t bloom for about 4 years since I would have to transplant them the following year.

2. I could plant them in the late summer when the chance of frost has left. But I’d do this knowing that they will be weak and I may not see blooms for 4 or more years.

I’m so anxious to see my peonies flower, and I’ve scoured the internet to see what the right decision might be. 


Unless there’s some devine intervention, I’m going to risk it and plant them in the summer. ( I’ve been told they do fine either way. I want them safely in the ground as soon as possible. ) 

Plus, in the house they only get 3-5 hours of sunlight which I don’t think is enough… so out they go!!

After 1.5 weeks, this is what they look like:

… did you notice the black planter plot?

Yeah? Well… I may have bought more peonies. I can’t control myself. I was walking past the few roots that were left in the store and somehow, they ended up in my cart.

I have no idea where I’m going to plant all of them.


I see a lot of digging in my near future.