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It’s February.

It’s supposed to be snowing, cold, and dreary. Normally we’d be knee deep in snow and have some of the worst storms until May… but what? 70 degrees in the middle of winter? 

It doesn’t feel like winter.  It feels like spring,  and my flowers agree.

All my daffodils have come up early and died in a subsequent frost this January. I’m hoping my tulips will fare better.

On a happier note, against all well given advice, I’ve broken down and planted some peony roots. I know that you’re only supposed to plant them in the fall, but it feels like early fall and thats good enough for me.

Here’s our progress so far!

Day one. Dirt. Wet dirt.

More dirt you say? Nay, non-believers. I see a sprout.


See. Its got the fluffy fringes and everything!!!

I may be crazy, but so is the weather.
Here’s to two more years of looking at shoots before my flowers come in!