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It’s the day after Valentines day and I completly forgot about my dahlias. I’m so disappointed since they had the most beautiful blooms last summer. These were some of the samples of the dahlias that were grown in the summer of 2016. 

I had placed them in some coconut husk and peat moss and stored them in a cool dry area in my basement. I remember telling myself to check on them later in the week… I swear I was going to take good care of the roots- especially after the back breaking effort it took to get them out of the ground!! 

By the time I remembered to check on them… it was too late. God they look pathetic.

My current obsession is cultivating some peonies, and maybe I’ll have some better luck with them this year!! I’ll keep a lookout for more dahlias in the spring. I promise not to kill this next crop… …